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As you can probably imagine it is possible to get nearly all of our natural stones from a number of different countries around the globe... However, consistency and supply for demand are two extremely important factors and these tend to be honoured for much longer periods of time by countries that have the biggest quarries. You'll find that some countries tend to hold the majority of quarries for certain types of stone. For instance, Turkey alone could provide the world travertine for the next 80 years with their seemingly endless supply or quarries! In this blog post, we would like to give some information about the source of our beautiful tiles.


Travertine is definitely one of the most popular natural stones in the world. Not only for its unique structure, but also for its versatility. This range can be used in bathrooms, hallways, kitchens, bedrooms... pretty much any area of the house you can think of! All the travertine we have in our vast range comes from Turkey and includes not only different grades such as our Ivory and Classic travertine which suits all budgets, but also a variety of different sizes and patterns. With our mosaics and split-face tiles you can create that perfect feature wall or border! Our travertine ranges also come in a number of different colours. With the Silver, Noce and Walnut travertine ranges leaving you spoiled for choice. Let's also not forget about the Silver & Ivory external paving range for outdoor installation if your patio is in need of a little TLC.




Our collection of marble tiles also come from Turkey. These include some of the most world renowned marble variants such as the Carrara White, Botticino, Crema Marfil and Silver Tundra, but the list doesn't end there! Check out the marble section on our website to see the variety of options we have. The most interesting aspect of our marbles are the sizes, they come in a number of innovative shapes such as hexagons, chevrons and herringbone's. Marble as a whole tends to exude sophistication so with these exciting new shapes it really does give them that additional edge! As well as this they are also available in mosaics and split-face formats as mentioned in the travertine section of this blog.

Turkey as a country displays a vast number of high quality natural stone products and their endless supply never seems to disappoint, if you're looking for the perfect stone for your renovation we would highly recommend you check out our travertine and marble products.


Our Limestones are slightly more diverse in the sense that we don't source all of them from the same country as each of our products have a unique look. The Middle East, Turkey, India and Portugal are the homes of our Limestone products. Our Jerusalem Antique Gold has some beautiful gold undertones whilst the Moca Cream contains warm distinct lines which make them very popular for designers looking to show the natural beauty of limestone. But on the other hand, if you're looking for a more simplistic design then our Antalya Limra will give you that pure creamy white vibe perfect for a variety of settings. The differences in these limestone means that what we can source from one country would most likely not be available in another country. Limestones do tend to be one of the most porous stones, however this shouldn't make it any less suitable for you projects than its counterparts. As long as it is installed and looked after correctly then Limestone can give your bathroom or kitchen that glowing revamp you've been looking for.


Sandstone and Cladding

Our Sandstone and Cladding ranges are both predominantly from quarries in India & China. Our cladding range has proved itself to be one of our most popular ranges of 2020 and we can completely understand why! The cladding range comes in five colours, The Multicolour Slate, Black slate, Oyster Slate, White Slate and Iceland Grey. These tiles really do make the perfect feature wall by giving a perfect textured feel. We've had customers use them in a variety of settings, conservatories, bedrooms, even a few man caves!

The sandstone tiles being such a durable material are perfect for paving stones, you can create a unique look in your external area with either our Ash Grey, Soft Green or Forest Brown range. 


Soft Green Calibrated Riven & Distressed

Brazilian range

If you hadn't guessed already, our Brazilian range comes from Brazil. This Brazilian Black range includes a unique selection of six different sizes for interior use. Or you could opt for our new Brazilian Grey range if you were looking for something slightly lighter.

The Brazilian Black is also available in a herringbone and hexagon format like the marbles as well as a grand opus pattern pavings if you wanted to create a modular design in your garden. The look achieved with the Brazilian Black tiles on the floor and the herringbone tiles on the wall of a kitchen is always an amazing look or Brazilian Black Hexagon tiles surrounding your entire bathroom, imagine that unique environment. 


Porcelain Tiles 

Our vast range of Porcelain tiles come from Italy, Turkey, Spain and China. This selection involves both floor and wall tiles (Polished and Matt) and anti slip exterior tiles. Our brand new exterior porcelains are proving to be extremely popular already! The Nexus Grey, Silver Grey and Almeria Dark Grey are all perfect for an exterior patio or our Naples Grey could also be a great option.

Our indoor Porcelain range include many options including the Naples Beige, Naples Grey and the Montreal Grey that can be used for walls and floors in many areas in your house. We also have the perfect range for you if you are trying to create a natural stone effect with porcelain tiles. The Carrara White Porcelain, Crema Marfil Porcelain and Nero Marquina Porcelain are all porcelain equivalents of some of our most popular marble tiles.

Or if you want to create a wood effect to your floor without all the maintenance that comes with real wood, then our Madrid range can give you a beautiful wooden effect. Two of our most popular colours are the Madrid Beige and Madrid Taupe.



We hope that this answers all of your questions about where our products comes from. 

But if you have any more questions then please feel free to contact our sales team and we will be more than happy to try and assist you with any questions you have. 

Enjoy choosing your perfect tiles!


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