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Split Face & Cladding Tile Ideas

Let’s all be honest, sometimes it really does not matter how hard we try to improve a walls appearance with a new coat of paint, it just feel...


2022 Mosaic Tile Trends

So, you are in the process of buying a new kitchen equipped or thinking about converting your old one? Or you are simply changing a bathroom and lo...


Best Uses for Limestone Tiles - Limestone Tiles

Natural stone is the perfect ally for and interior decoration of your home. Marble, granite, slate, limestone or sandstone all provide unique colou...


Christmas Opening Times

Dear Customers,

Please note that our offices & warehouse will be closed from Wednesday the 22nd of December 2021 until ...


How to maintain, clean and look after your marble tiles

Marble is an extremely trendy natural stone generally used as a worktop in kitchens or as floor and wall tiles in many areas around your home, Marb...


What are Patio Tiles? Usage & Options

Patio tiles are made from natural stones or man-made porcelain tiles that enable us to have a hard surface area within our outdoor living space, an...


Travertine Mosaic Tile Range

Travertine stone itself is one of the most popular natural stones used in homes all around the world with ever increasing popularity due to their v...


Silver Travertine Usage and Design Ideas

Firstly, where does the name Travertine come from?

The word Travertine comes from the Italian word “travertino” which itself a derivat...


Your Order Processing & Dispatch

Ordering from our website can’t be any simpler, our website receives live stock information from our warehouses therefore, if you can put yo...


Special Format Tile Range

What we call special format are tiles that are different from the typical square, rectangle or a specific mixed sizes of tiles that come in a patte...


Our New Dolomite Range

You will be mistaking to think it is just a funny name of a product, Dolomite is in fact a stone range on its own much like Marble, Limestone, Gran...


Our Range & Their Source

As you can probably imagine it is possible to get nearly all of our natural stones from a number of different countries around the globe... However...


Why choose travertine flooring?

So maybe you ask yourself, why travertine?

Well, we can see this fantast...


Coronavirus Update

Dear Customers,

These are undoubtedly difficult times for all of us and would like to give a quick update about our service levels...


Christmas Opening Times

Dear Customers,

Please note that our offices & warehouse will be closed from Tuesday the 22nd of December 2020 until th...


Fantastic Designs with Split Face Tiles

Why we embrace the split face tiles, they are a fantastic design of smaller strips of stone arrangements in which different size stones are put tog...


Silver Colour, a Popular Choice

When it comes to tiles, silver colour is unquestionably very popular colour in the UK. Silver creates a cool ambiance, goes along with any other de...


New Year Deals

At Travertine Store, we already have fantastic products with amazing prices; delivered direct to your door. From time to time, we have discontinued...


A Simple Guide to Slate Tiles

Slate is a fantastic choice for a variety of applications. Rather than going into too much technical detail, in this blog post we will give some us...


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