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Winter & Spring Tile Colour Trends

In every phase of our existence, we live immersed in colour, as a form of energy, colour is active in us on a physical, mental and spiritual level ...


Tile Layout Ideas for a Unique Look

Let’s all be outright honest here and now, we all want our visiting guests to be impressed with our homes appearance and pay us all the compl...


Split Face & Cladding Tile Ideas

Let’s all be honest, sometimes it really does not matter how hard we try to improve a walls appearance with a new coat of paint, it just feel...


2022 Mosaic Tile Trends

So, you are in the process of buying a new kitchen equipped or thinking about converting your old one? Or you are simply changing a bathroom and lo...


Best Uses for Limestone Tiles - Limestone Tiles

Natural stone is the perfect ally for and interior decoration of your home. Marble, granite, slate, limestone or sandstone all provide unique colou...


Natural Stone Tiles vs. Porcelain Tiles: Advantages and Disadvantages

Natural stones and man-made porcelain tiles, both are attractive and have similarities. Before deciding to invest in your new tiles, we feel it is ...


2022 Outdoor Tile Trends: 10+ Tile Ideas

Summer is approaching fast, before we know it, it will be that time of year that we will be spending more time outdoors than in, so now is that tim...


Christmas Opening Times

Dear Customers,

Please note that our offices & warehouse will be closed from Wednesday the 22nd of December 2021 until ...


How to maintain, clean and look after your marble tiles

Marble is an extremely trendy natural stone generally used as a worktop in kitchens or as floor and wall tiles in many areas around your home, Marb...


What are Patio Tiles? Usage & Options

Patio tiles are made from natural stones or man-made porcelain tiles that enable us to have a hard surface area within our outdoor living space, an...


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