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Choosing Porcelains Over Other Materials for Your Kitchen Floor?

There’s no doubt that one of the biggest challenges when you are remodelling your kitchen is choosing the best type of flooring for the proje...


DIY, How to install your tiles on a concrete floor?

In this blog we will guide you through in how to prepare your floor for your tile installation, and key points to note when laying your tiles on yo...


Best stone ranges to create a warm feel

So you’re in the market for a new tile that will give you that warm feeling as soon as you walk into your home, and you need some guidance?


Best porcelain options for bathrooms and outdoors

“You can’t stop time and progress” is a fantastic saying which is perfectly suited for the industry of porcelain tiles. Ever sinc...


New trending porcelain bathroom tile predictions for 2023

Every new year comes with its own trends, we honestly didn’t expect 2023 to be any different. Not only as a consumer, but as a supplier of a ...


Madrid Wood Effect Porcelains to Consider in 2023

We will not go into why man-made porcelain tiles are so much better for certain projects or our wide range of selections that are available for all...


Winter & Spring Tile Colour Trends

In every phase of our existence, we live immersed in colour, as a form of energy, colour is active in us on a physical, mental and spiritual level ...


Tile Layout Ideas for a Unique Look

Let’s all be outright honest here and now, we all want our visiting guests to be impressed with our homes appearance and pay us all the compl...


Natural Stone Tiles vs. Porcelain Tiles: Advantages and Disadvantages

Natural stones and man-made porcelain tiles, both are attractive and have similarities. Before deciding to invest in your new tiles, we feel it is ...


Your Order Processing & Dispatch

Ordering from our website can’t be any simpler, our website receives live stock information from our warehouses therefore, if you can put yo...


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