Split Face & Cladding Tile Ideas

Let’s all be honest, sometimes it really does not matter how hard we try to improve a walls appearance with a new coat of paint, it just feels like it’s not enough, like the wall is incomplete or the colour never does not well with the theme of the environment. So why not add texture and style to your walls and what better way to giving your wall a textured finish and a touch of class than having installed new natural stone split face or cladding tiles.

Let’s first clarify what the main differences are between our split face and cladding tiles are.
Our split face tiles tend to have larger individual pieces natural stones than our cladding ranges, the pieces are stuck together to make up a larger 305 x 305 sheet, these individual sheets then slot into each other seamlessly to make up the overall installation. Our claddings however, are smaller pieces in width that are stuck together to make a Z shape, measuring 100 x 400, each Z shape of cladding tile then slot into each other to make up the overall wall installation.

Both finishes look fantastic however, installation techniques and overall appearance are slightly different between the two designs due to shape and size of each individual pieces that make up the sheets. 
The other major difference between them is, our split face range is made up of natural Marble and Travertine stone ranges whereas all our claddings are made up of the Slate stone.

Split face options

Warm Tone Crema Marfil Marble Mosaic

Within our range of split face tiles, we have 3 very distinctive variations in stone types and colour. The Crema Marfil Split Face is our natural marble range, this design is manufactured with the use of a high grade of marble and can be used as a feature wall tiles as well as regular wall installation. With its lighter tone, it will brighten up any environment and add that touch of class and value to your property. All of our split face tiles are available in the smaller individual piece sizes of 23 x 48 mm and the larger individual size of 48 x 100 mm, making up the sheet sizes 290 x 280 mm and 300 x 290 mm respectively.

Fantastic Ivory Travertine

Our second range available for our customers is our Ivory Travertine Split Face. Travertine is a very unique natural stone with distinctive characteristics, it’s main noticeable difference over other stone types is the existence of holes within its structure, these holes are ever prominent in its design, the light creamy beige tone of our Ivory Split Face is a perfect fit for kitchens as a splash back tile or a fantastic hallway installation, which will provide that fantastic natural texture to your walls, reflecting lights and creating those distinctive shadows only split face tiles can achieve, it is a great option that is extremely popular with many of our customers.

Unmatched Silver Travertine

Our third split face tile range is the Silver Travertine Split Face, again produced with the highest grade of travertine stone, this split face range is a fantastic alternative to our Ivory Split Face range for designs that include a darker theme for visual balance and harmony.

Cladding options

Our cladding range includes 6 different, very unique tile option. Unlike the larger sheet sizes of our split face designs, our cladding ranges are designed and manufactured in a distinctive Z shape, measuring 100 x 400 mm, these Z shape cladding sheets then seamlessly slot into each other during installation to create that complete overall look. The individual pieces in the Z shape are much thinner and longer than the pieces in our split face ranges, so when installed, they provide a very different look and feel from the split face design.
As previously mentioned, all our cladding ranges are made up of natural slate stones, our range include the lightest White Slate Cladding to our darkest Black Slate Cladding and many options in between, so there is sure to be a range which is perfect for you.

Pure White Slate 

For a subtle and classic design, our White Slate is the ideal choice, this range is generally preferred in minimalistic themes, where the subtle appearance of the cladding itself, whilst bringing a fantastic textured finished to your wall, does not overpower the environment with its appearance.

Popular Oyster Slate 

Our Oyster Slate Cladding range tends to be used more as a feature wall tile, where the idea is for a very different finish on the wall than the rest of the theme of the room, whilst still being visually subtle in its appearance as to not feel too out of theme with a particular design.

Cool Iceland Grey 

Iceland Grey Slate Cladding is a range that is very unique in that, the absence in dramatic tones of colour of this range is the thing most buyers seek when trying to create a specific theme, with its lightest white and the darkest, almost black individual pieces of slate stones, complemented with some slate pieces with tones of grey, this range is a fantastic option for room designs that focus on white, black and grey tones. 

Adventurous Desert Multi Slate 

Our Desert Multi Slate Cladding range is perfect to help create that summer home feel, with a mixture of beige, cream, rustic and grey tiles, when complemented with a matching tile range like our Ivory range of floor tiles, you will not only get that distinctive 3d finish on your walls, but also the warm feeling that only these types of colour pallets can achieve. 

Historic Multicolour Slate

Our  Multicolour Slate Cladding range, is a range we would recommend for darker themed designs, although the darker individual tiles are highly prominent in its design, the inclusion of the rustic and colourful individual pieces within each Z sheet, help breakup the monotone look of the overall design and achieve that finish which stands out, best used in a feature wall design.

Mystical Black Slate

Last but not least, our Black Slate Cladding range, although being our darkest colour cladding, this range is still the most popular when it comes to flexibility when it comes to designs options, it can be installed to complement a dark theme environment, or it can be used as a dramatic contrast to a lighter theme design, it can even be used as a simply feature wall tile. The beauty of the Black Slate Claddings is that, it never seems to look out of place within any sort of theme, achieving this seamlessly. Always the popular choice for millions of buyers around the world.

Whichever design and range you decide to go for between our split face and cladding tile options, one thing is for certain, they all will help change the feel of any room instantly, the unmatched texture and visual appearance of both these styles are a fantastic way in achieving that 3d finish on your walls.


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