Silver Travertine Usage and Design Ideas

Firstly, where does the name Travertine come from?

The word Travertine comes from the Italian word “travertino” which itself a derivation of the Latin tiburtinus, meaning “of Tibur”.

Travertine is a form of limestone deposited around mineral springs, mostly hot springs and has many colours and appearance ranges from cream tones to white to rusty silvery looks, travertine is commonly used as construction and building material such as tiles, mosaics, split face etc.

Why pick Silver Travertine?

Silver travertine is one of those natural stones that is a brilliant option for home installations with its fantastic natural colour tones that looks both stylish and classy therefore, is a great option to help change the look of your home to a more modern look and feel if the use this fantastic natural stone is chosen.

Let's talk about our specific range of Silver Travertine, this very unique natural travertine stone has a more modern look and feel to it because of the natural silvery tones, with the many range of options available to our customers on our website there's bound to be one in our listings that will be a great option for your area of installation if you do want to modernise your environment.

Our full range & price of Silver Travertine
First we have our very popular Silver Travertine filled - honed finish available in the set size of 406 x 610 x 12 mm at the current price of £34.99/m2, all our prices are inclusive of VAT, this range of travertine is commonly used for all sorts of floor and wall installation and is also suitable for bathroom and kitchens because of its filled & honed smooth to the touch factory finish.

We then have our Silver Travertine that is available in the tumbled & unfilled finish in the set size of 406 x 610 x 12 mm and also in the well known highly popular Imperial Pattern, both these lines are currently listed at £34.99/m2, the imperial pattern has 4 different sizes in each pack which consists of the 203 x 203, 203 x 406, 406 x 406, and the 406 x 610mm, these tiles are then arranged together to provide a more varying look of your installation. This range is generally used in floor installations with a great feel under your feet due to its textured finished provided by the natural unfilled pits and holes within the structure of travertine and the tumbling process during manufacturing.

The tile layouts in all our available patterns can be found at the bottom of our web page under Essential Guides → Tile Layouts.
There's also our Silver Travertine tumbled mosaic range that is available in both the 48 x 48 mm and the smaller 23 x 23 mm individual stones sizes on a sheet of 305 x 305mm at the current price of £39.99/m2 and £44.99/m2 respectively. The mosaic sheets are very easy to cut and install and are generally used in bathrooms or as splashbacks on kitchen installations. Very different looks can be achieved by simple grout colour choices, with white looking sharp and classy or silver grey with a more blended finish for example.

Then comes our Silver Travertine Split Face range which are generally used on feature wall installations due to their textured look that is naturally provided with the use of small Silver Travertine tiles at varying thickness's that are stuck together, each tile sheets then slot into each other during installation seamlessly, giving your feature wall that overall amazing natural textured look without any grouting lines and with the correct use of lighting natural shadows can be created to stand out the 3D effect of the split face tiles, this particular range comes in both the smaller individual stone size of 23 x 48mm and the larger 48 x 100mm, they are both currently priced at £34.99/m2.

So we have a line of Silver Travertine tile that can be considered as a great option for any installation in any area of your home if you want to achieve modernising your home with the use of natural stone installation.

Cleaning and maintenance of your Silver Travertine tiles.
Let's now understand the key points of maintaining your Silver Travertine, as with all natural stone, the Silver Travertine is also prone to etching, discolouration and damage if you neglect it, so proper care in terms of sealing before use with the use of our LTP Mattstone impregnating tile sealer that is currently priced from £10.99 per bottle. We recommend a minimum of 2 coats of sealing of your tiles before use, once before and once after grouting, this is also an ongoing process which should be repeated periodically during the lifetime of your tiles, typically done once a year depending on the traffic they are exposed to and cleaning intervals, resealing is a process that should not be skipped.

You should also always clean up any sort of spillages as quickly as possible, especially juices, alcoholic beverages or foods, using warm water with a small amount of dish washing liquid or if a more stubborn cleaning approach is required, then you have the option of our LTP Grimex multi-purpose intensive cleaner specially designed for tough cleaning jobs and is currently priced at £11.99 per bottle.

Scratch and damage prevention
Never use any hard scourers to clean your tiles to avoid scratching the tile surface or any cleaning products without reading their bottle for instructions to determine they are suitable for natural stone cleaning as these may contain bleach, lemon or vinegar in their solutions which may also harm your beautiful natural stones.
Simple warm water and dish washing liquid is fit for most quick cleaning applications.

Try to use soft feet paddings on furniture feet to avoid scratching your tiles with the moving of any of the furnitures such as tables, chairs or sofas, these can be bought from most hardware stores and simply stick on to the feet of the furnitures.

This is a bit of an obvious one but, avoid dropping anything heavy on your tiles, some out there are misled in thinking that because natural stones are made of rock essentially, that natural stone tiles are hard to break however, we all know that these are thinly cut tiles from natural stones to fit their purpose therefore, are much more fragile than some out there may think.

We hope this blog was helpful in understanding our Silver Travertine range, it's availability and usage and how they should be maintained to preserve their fantastic look.

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