Tile Layout Ideas for a Unique Look

Let’s all be outright honest here and now, we all want our visiting guests to be impressed with our homes appearance and pay us all the compliments under the sun when they come around for a visit. So why not encourage that behaviour by ensuring you have a very unique tile layouts in your home. In this blog, we will recommend how this can be achieved with simply altering some tile layouts by combining different shaped tiles in varying sizes, different orientations on set size tiles and even how different colour of tiles can be used in conjunction to help create a very different look.


Using different tiles sizes and patterns when laying your tiles down are the easiest way to enhance the appearance of an area within your home. Even a set size tile when laid in an alternative layout can achieve a very different look, so it’s always recommended to consider different layouts for that unique look.


Below are just some of the ideas we can throw your way to give you a few ideas of what some of the possibilities are when you want to change the feel of your home.


We’ll first start with the simplest of options first by suggesting the possibilities using set size tiles.


Set size rectangular or Herringbones tiles

The beauty of rectangular tiles, which are available with many of our tile ranges, is not just their appearance but also the possible different orientations and arrangements, which can provide a very different look to an area. The stack bond arrangement is a highly popular and easy to install pattern with straight grouting lines across your installation for example, providing a pattern being in no way any less elegant.

There is also the option of the ever popular chevron pattern and although this layout looks more distinctive with the use of herringbone tiles as these are more of an elongated rectangle shape, is a possible layout with all rectangle tiles.

Why not try mixing two or more different colour tiles our tiles are available in, for a very different look. Different colour tiles like our Silver Tundra and our Carrara White ranges for example, can be used together, either in an alternating layout between the 2 ranges or starting with 1 range from one end of a room slowly scattering to show eventual progression with the prominence shifting to the other range at the other end of the room for a very different appearance and unique feel.




Chevron options

Although not as flexible in tile layout options as the herringbone tile shape due to their angled cut at each end. Our Chevron tile options still allow users to make use of different colours to be installed  together, providing that desirable effect and visual presentation that will be the talk of many  conversations with your guests when they come for that weekend bbq gathering.




Brick bond

This layout is seen on the outside of every visible building bricks. Being one of the easier laying methods to install, is a simple half offset alteration between each new row, is the easiest this can be achieved however, different appearances can also be achieved with smaller shift with each new row to have that visually staircase appearance, now imagine if different colour tiles were used with each of these “staircases” rows, just another great possibility indeed.


Checkerboard layout

The checkerboard layout is another timeless classic tile pattern and has been used in millions homes across the world.

Although traditionally, black and white tiles are the first 2 colours imagined with this particular pattern, the more trendy considerations in recent times include the use of other colours and maybe even slightly different textures. Square tiles will provide that typical checkerboard look, but why restrict yourself to a single shape? Consider using rectangular tiles for this layout, which in itself, will already be different than most home installations even if your do prefer the black and white tiles for your layout.




Readily available patterns and free length tile options

When it comes to doing the work for you, we should highlight that some of our range of tiles like our Ivory Travertine and Jerusalem Gold limestone to mention a few, are already available in packs that include varying size tiles.

These readily available patterns not only take away the need to self-design tile layouts but look fantastic when installed, and are now coming back into fashion with their seemingly random appearance.

Free length tiles are also available in most of our limestone ranges like our Vaux Limestone, Romagne Grey Limestone and Chateau Mix Limestone for example, come with one set side length  with the varying other side lengths. Due to the varying length of tiles in these ranges, choosing these tile options means that not much planning is required achieve the random visual effect you are after.




Be bold and different is our best advice, this is the mind-set that will help achieve that look you are proud of with your tiles.


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