New trending porcelain bathroom tile predictions for 2023

Every new year comes with its own trends, we honestly didn’t expect 2023 to be any different. Not only as a consumer, but as a supplier of a wide range of items, we also look forward to new trends. 

As a supplier of materials that help change our customer's living habitat, we know that we affect our customers' lives with the items we sell, impacting the emotions you feel as you enter your bathroom. Knowing this is what drives us to continue to do more of the same every year for you.

In this blog we will highlight some of our porcelain range we expect would become the new trends of 2023, specifically for bathroom use, if the interest in them so far this year is anything to go by.


How to decide on your final pick?

The look, feel, appearance and more importantly, safety are all important factors to consider when choosing a new porcelain tile for any area of your living space. However, all these factors gain more important when you are considering your new porcelain tiles for your bathroom. The main reason for this is that there is nowhere to hide in this area of a home, it is (normally J) a privately used area with smaller windows (or none in some bathroom designs). So it is not possible to take the focus off any badly chosen tiles simply by adding extra clutter to your bathroom, like pieces of furniture or brilliant attention-seeking curtains or even a load of electricals like a top-of-the-range TV set and HiFi system. 




Bathrooms are generally designed to be specious and minimalistic, a peaceful area of our home, we want to feel at ease and relaxed in this space, we want it filled with serenity therefore, the tiles you choose have to be just right. The primary importance should be safety first so they should be slip resistant if being used for floors, but your porcelains should also have the desired appearance and only stand out as a positive addition to your bathroom and provide that serene feel as soon as you enter your bathroom.


So which of our bathroom tiles do we think will become the new trends of 2023?

Our 2023 prediction is based on the number of samples requested for each of our ranges as well as the sales figures of our porcelain ranges so far in 2023 however, although anti-slip certified porcelain tiles are the safest for bathroom floors, this does not mean that tiles that are not anti-slip certified are not purchased for bathroom floors by our customers, always remember that any matt finish porcelain is a much safer tile then a polished finished porcelain tile, so if any of our matt tiles on our website catch your attention, they should be perfectly ok to use in your bathroom. As long as you are aware that they are not anti-slip certified for that added safety and you take care.


Our predictions



We’ll start it off with our Naples White Anti Slip Rectified Matt Porcelain tile. This anti-slip certified tile with rectified edges, they are as safe as you could ever wish for by design. Extremely slip resistant even wet, it is already proving to be one of the top picks for 2023. Although this is not a new range of porcelain in our web listings, it is as popular as ever for bathroom floor use.




Next, we have our Calacatta Gold Polished Porcelain Tile Rectified Edge. This is one of our newer range of porcelain tiles. The Calacatta Gold porcelains are a testament to how much porcelain tile designs progressed over the last few years. The Calacatta Gold looks as natural as porcelain tiles can be expected to, this is why we believe there is so much interest in this range, and rightly so, it currently is one of our top picks for 2023. A brilliant option for wall applications.




Another fantastic porcelain range we feel will be trending in 2023 is our Carrara Classic Honed Porcelain range if the current sales are anything to go by. If you want a natural appearance and to brighten up your bathroom, then the Carrara Classic range is the one for you. It comes with so many faces and natural-looking veining patterns that we will challenge anyone to find a repeating pattern within small to medium size installations. 

This Carrara Classic range, will no doubt, be one of our top-selling porcelain ranges in 2023. Brilliant for wall applications but can also be used for floors.




Last but not least, our Carrara White Metro Polished Porcelain range is again one of the newest ranges of tiles on our website. But it seems it has fast become extremely popular. The quality of the material as well as the small dimensions that provide ease of handling and possible different tile layouts make our Carrara White Metro porcelains highly attractive. Carrara White Metro is a brilliant option for wall and wet area applications.


How reliable are predicted trends?

We are still at the start of 2023, as reliable as data can be, by all means, trends are never set in stone (pardon the pun :) in the beginning of a calendar year, we are simply suggesting that our porcelain range mentioned above strongly indicate that they will be highly popular in 2023.

But feel free to request your free samples from any of our porcelain ranges, as other porcelain ranges listed on our website may be the look you are after.

Our 10 cm x 10 cm free samples will be shipped and delivered with a quick Royal Mail service.


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