Best porcelain options for bathrooms and outdoors

“You can’t stop time and progress” is a fantastic saying which is perfectly suited for the industry of porcelain tiles. Ever since the 15th century, the introduction of porcelain tiles in China, the use of porcelain tiles has increased in popularity many times over.


In the most recent years, 1930’s the trends featured rolls, ridges and wave patterns. In the 1950’s it marked the return of colour, it is estimated that there are still around 5 million bathrooms that have the porcelains that are the colour pink that came into prominence in the mid-century.


The 60’s welcomed the variety that was possible with man-made porcelains, it included every colour, shape and size. Keeping also in the trend of tiles being used from floor - to ceiling in kitchens and bathrooms.




Looking at the porcelain market of the present day. The vast popularity of porcelain tiles continues to grow. Porcelain's versatility of use, ease of maintenance, the readily available vast options to choose from as well as the endless new designs that get invented frequently. We don’t see end users moving their attention too far away from porcelain tiles when considering new floor or wall tiles for their most recent project.


Here at the Travertine store, our porcelain suppliers are not chosen by us based on their price but picked by us for the quality of their products. Our porcelain selection is imported from multiple countries like Italy, Turkiye and India.


The best porcelains for the bathroom

The key aspect to consider here is safety with floor tiles due to slip risk therefore, we recommend unpolished porcelains for floor use. Matt porcelain is generally preferred for bathroom floors even if not anti-slip certified, matt porcelains will always be much less slippery than any polished tile. There are always those that are anti-slip certified for added safety.


Our current recommendations for bathroom use include




The Carrara Classic honed porcelain, as with all of our porcelain range, this amazing porcelain has a high-quality print that not only looks like the real thing but also feels like the real thing. Its honed finish and availability in 2 different sizes mean you have more options for your project. The price is exceptional and the availability is abundant. The perfect option for floor applications that will be safe and brighten up your bathroom. You can also match it with the polished finish option for this product on the walls for a perfect match.




The Nero Black Matt Rectified Porcelain, this product is so popular, that we naturally struggle to keep up with demand. It is for those that want a darker theme in their bathrooms, and this seems to be an extremely high number of end users. Again comes in the safer matt finish therefore perfectly suited for bathroom floor use.




The Empire Grey Polished Rectified porcelain now is the porcelain to go for if you want to add a dash of class to your bathroom, with its high-quality print of natural-looking golden veining. You can’t but feel it is many times more expensive than it is. Perfect for bathroom wall applications.


Our porcelain recommendation for outdoor use




The Aegean Grey Matt Rectified Outdoor Porcelain, is a porcelain tile specifically designed for external use. It comes in a thicker 20mm design which enables it to withstand the external elements with ease. Its design is based on actual natural stone so once laid, it will be almost impossible to tell them apart from the real thing.

Perfect for external applications which, as of posting this blog, are currently on a special offer. Don’t miss out.

We base our recommendations based on the current trends as well as the suitability of the product itself however, our range includes many more suitable tiles that will be a perfect fit for your project. So why don’t you take a quick look at our already vast range of porcelain tiles and request your free samples online with quick and easy steps?


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