Madrid Wood Effect Porcelains to Consider in 2023

We will not go into why man-made porcelain tiles are so much better for certain projects or our wide range of selections that are available for all our customers to purchase through our easy-to-use website. Or, that we have a range suitable for all types of projects in all the colours, sizes and pattern options we have in our listings.

We will take this opportunity to discuss just one of our ranges and focus on why this range is so trendy and versatile.

In particular, we will be focusing on our Madrid Wood effect matt porcelain tiles.




So why is our Madrid Wood effect range so special?

This range is a special range for me personally because it is the first ever wood effect porcelain tiles me and my missus chose to use in our home, soon after I came into the industry. So it is, in fact, my first man-made tile range that is very different from what we opted to use in the past. As I was new in the industry, using the Madrid Taupe wood effect porcelain range opened my eyes to how a design of a porcelain tile can change a living area in a way that I simply would not have experienced just by selling this amazing range. I can’t put into words how much of a difference they make.


Decisions, decisions

We were in a bit of a predicament as to what we wanted to install on the floor when we decided to renovate our home. We wanted real wood initially, but we then shifted our thoughts to natural stone tiles, before finally deciding on something in between, only because we have a cat, a dog and a small child. So we had to consider all that our new floor tiles will be exposed to, no doubt that Sam & Jill (our dog & cat) will be running around scratching the wood and any natural stone, and we will also certainly have some spillages cause by our son.




Taking all this into consideration, me and my wife still did not want to compromise too much on what we wanted. When there are so many things to consider just for a floor tile, only a product like the Madrid Taupe porcelain can make it seem a very easy decision. Not only you can get the very natural wood colour, but the textured finish even gives it the real wood feel under your feet.


What are the other options?

Although we ourselves opted to go for the Madrid Taupe range due to its darker wood colour, the Madrid range is also available with a lighter tone. There are also 2 other fantastic colours to choose from if you wish to go for a more modern look and brighten your area with our Madrid Gris Wood effect and Madrid Light Grey Wood effect porcelains.




The colours might be different in all of the different options but one thing is the same, you will be amazed at the specially designed and moulded texture of each of the Madrid Wood effect tiles. They are also priced at the most competitive pricing you will find online.

So if your circumstances are similar to ours and you have similar preferences, there is no reason why you would not choose one of our Madrid Wood effect porcelains as your next-floor upgrade porcelain tiles.

Request your free sample through our website and see (feel) for yourself.


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