Why choose travertine flooring?

So maybe you ask yourself, why travertine?

Well, we can see this fantastic stone installed in bathrooms, bedrooms, hallways, living rooms and kitchen, well let’s just say, basically wherever our customers desire. 

This makes our Travertine range some of our most popular items within all our available range of fantastic natural stone.

Firstly, where does this little character of a stone come from?

Travertine can be sourced from Mexico, China, Peru, Iran, Turkey as the main suppliers around the word however, with around 13.9 billion tons of reserves and considering the current consumption around the world, Turkey alone can supply to the rest of the world for the next 80 or so years, Denizli, Turkey is one of the regions where most of the Travertine quarries are based which is where a large selection of Travertine actually comes from

Our Travertine range include;

Ivory Travertine is our flagship stone in all our range with its lighter tone and denser structure, it is more consistent throughout between each individual tiles.


Classic Travertine is our commercial grade that is a lesser denser stone than our Ivory range with its tonal shift between each tile giving you that wider range of different tones of tile and more varying natural look in your home and let’s not forget the great price is why some of our customers choose our Classic range.

Noce Travertine will be our darkest tone Travertine that is preferred for its warm coffee feel that it adds to homes across the country.

Walnut Travertine being slightly lighter tone in colour than our Noce range, this stone is usually preferred by our customers that want something between our Ivory and Noce range in tone.

The above range also come in varying sizes and finishes which expend the options and possibilities even more for our customers.

Then comes our very unique Silver Travertine, also very popular with our customers due to its splash of unusual silver colour tones which can transform any environment giving it that structured and formal feel.   

Then we have our Travertine paving range in Silver Travertine Paving - Tumbled & Unfilled and Ivory Travertine Paving - Tumbled & Unfilled. If used in conjunction with our internal range of these tiles, a wonderfully seamless transition can be achieved from your internal to your external living area with perfection.


We highly recommend for you to simply browse through our range of Travertine tiles because we are certain you will find the Travertine that you feel will transform your living space and give it a new fantastic look and feel.

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