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Natural stone is the perfect ally for and interior decoration of your home. Marble, granite, slate, limestone or sandstone all provide unique colours, textures, thicknesses and sizes to renovate all kinds of environments, adding both class and tranquillity but also value to your property.

But we title this blog "Limestone Tiles" so in this blog we will solely focus on the amazing Limestone ranges and which range is best for which areas of your home and which Limestone tile ideas are best for specific areas.

 One of the first recommendations is that you choose the right finish for the type of area you intend to lay your new limestone tiles, on the other hand, the degree of prominence that you want to give to your limestone will depend on the design and layout of the environment it is being installed in.
 In addition, limestones also help you achieve a sense of style, covering the living room floor and wall with a certain range of stone for unity to create the atmosphere of a rustic country house or give it a touch of sophistication by installing either very contrasting or complementary tones of limestones is just simple suggestions of how varied your options are as best uses of limestone tile are.

 How do I decide on the right limestone tile ideas?

By simply selecting the right type of limestone tile which are best suited for your project, natural limestone can play a decisive role in achieving any type of the desired environment you could wish for. If your living room for example has a fireplace and you want to highlight its presence within the room, for example, the lighter less textured limestone tile would add elegance to your living room but not take away from the focus that is the fireplace, where as using a darker toned tile or a limestone such as our Hebron limestone range, which has prominent colour and patterns as well as shells within its structure, could take away the limelight from your fireplace a little.
 In other rooms that maybe have a more subtle design, plain walls or colour schemes will benefit from the use of a range of stones like our Jerusalem limestone as a more dominant colour and pattern of the stone itself will be beneficial and will add to the appearance of such a room and give it individuality and character.

Entrances and hallways.

Limestone tiles with a smoother texture and light tones will turn your hall into a welcoming space. Our Salem Gold limestone tumbled can accompany the decoration of a hall as a floor tile or a more subtle limestone possibility is a limestone with a honed finish, which will provide any entrance or hallway with clarity and stillness and our Moleanos Fine Grain range will be a brilliant option to achieve this.
In the case of our Moca Lisboa Limestone – Honed Tile it is fantastic for more traditional settings. This special tile with its brilliant sandy effect appearance, when laid into the entrance of a contemporary and bright home, will provide a welcoming warm visual appeal to your guests.

Open plan an outdoor transition.

In open space living rooms, natural limestones can help us separate this environment into different sections of our living areas. If you have a large open plan living area with a kitchen, for example, the kitchen or dining areas can be visually divided from the seating area simply just by use of different colour pallets of limestones, with the use of contrasting limestone tiles between the darker Romagne Grey Limestone – Rustic and the lighter Moleanos Limestone – Honed for example will be distinctive and classy while you achieve this visual effect. Darker tones for kitchens are recommended as they are harder to stain and easier to clean, with the lighter colours recommended for other areas.

Make the transition.

It's always good to point out that some of our range of limestones like Vermont Grey Limestone - Distressed - Tumbled, Vaux Limestone - Distressed - Tumbled, Romagne Grey Limestone - Rustic and many of the 20mm thick tiles can be used both internally and externally, so your design can include that amazing seamless transition from your indoors to outdoor. It may be best with such a design to consider a large swing or bi-folding doors, when opened, this will help bring these areas together, even more, we guarantee that you'll think, "why haven't I considered this design before?"

In your Bathroom.

Natural limestones always help bring a more pleasing footprint to bathrooms, maybe it is the fact that they form over centuries in wet/moist land and it is this natural feeling of this fantastic natural stone that makes them feel more suitable for bathrooms. Our range of Hebron Creme Limestone – Tumbled has fossils and shells within its structure that are visible to the user on its surface, almost like you are bringing the beech home, well, technically you are, when combined with wood, it can help achieve a very warm and welcoming bathroom to float away in during your hot tub moments. Some prefer the absence of shells in their limestone, never worry as our beige limestone Jerusalem Gold Limestone – Tumbled can help achieve that similar feel of relaxing atmosphere, so the options are many when we talk about limestone tiles for using in bathrooms.

Limestone tile in the bedrooms.

Limestone shines especially on floors but also on some walls. Limestone can give a colour focus to a boring wall with the use of our Jerusalem Gold Limestone or you wish to tone down an area's colour pallet with the use of our light and pale Antalya Limra Limestone – Honed. Bedroom floors always welcome different varieties as these are private spaces belonging to individuals with different tastes, and what better way to individualise a bedroom than by picking one of our suitable internal limestone tile ranges, there is no right or wrong here, there is a selection for everyone's taste in our range.

Besy study room limestone tiles.

Study rooms especially, need to be a quiet and distraction-free rooms, with darker tones and good lighting that usually help achieve this goal. However, it's not just the colour that is important when considering your new limestone in such a room, the actual shape of the tile you choose also should have a purpose to achieve another visual effect, for example, rectangular formats can fulfil not only an aesthetic function, but also to give depth to a space, making a smaller room look larger than it is, and this room in our homes tend to be smaller than most living areas, therefore, size and shape, as well as the tone of your limestone, is important, this will achieve your goal of creating the illusion of a larger space with the use of rectangular tiles. Our dark soothing tiles include Toulouse Grey Limestone – Tumbled, Burgille Grey Limestone – Rustic, and Vaux Limestone - Distressed – Tumbled to name just a few.

The limestone tiles and verdict.

With different colours ranging from grey to yellow, cream to white, different finishes like tumbled or honed, and all the varying sizes that they are available in, our limestone range each has a very unique character and feel, so whatever your layout is in and around your home and in any of your projects, there is a suitable limestone available for you, each stone is special with its feel and look, request your free samples through our website and feel free in contacting our helpful staff if you have any question regarding any of our range.


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