2022 Outdoor Tile Trends: 10+ Tile Ideas

Summer is approaching fast, before we know it, it will be that time of year that we will be spending more time outdoors than in, so now is that time of year when we all start considering a change in the appearance and feel of our outdoor living space, what we would love change and how we can change it. Sometimes the simplest changes can have the biggest visual impact and what better and easier way to change the design and look of your outdoor living space than simply change your paving tiles. This will help breathe a new life into your garden and also can add value to your property.



Stick around and we will guide you through some of our most popular outdoor tiles of 2021 and provide you with all the information you need on these most popular choices of the past year and hopefully help you get an idea of what your best options are for your property for 2022, so here we go.


First, let's make it clear what “paving” and “outdoor” tiles are. Well, although the simple answer would be, tiles that can be used outdoors, the technical information is quite important to ensure you get the most suitable stones for your home environment. To ensure durability during the changes of the seasons over a year, the industry-standard thickness recommendations for external pavings are 30mm in its thickness, this thickness performs best during the changes in temperature and weather conditions throughout the year for any type of installation. It is possible to use lesser thickness tiles however, we do not recommend any less thickness than 20mm for a natural product (man-made porcelain tiles can have different specifications and be more suitable with varying thicknesses)

We also recommend the installation to be carried out by a professional and tiles to be sealed before use.


Now comes the exciting part, which tiles were the most popular of 2021 and still attracting huge attention for 2022?


Let's first begin with our most popular man-made anti-slip outdoor tiles.


Our Silver Grey R11 Anti Slip Rectified Matt Outdoor Porcelain has been the most popular of the past year with its granite-like appearance and durability. These porcelain tiles are a perfect solution to use on outdoor spaces installations. Having 4 different faces hence creates a natural ambience and look to your external area. It has a growing popularity among our customers and sales of this highly popular porcelain not showing any slowing down for 2022


Then come our close second the Nexus Grey R11 Anti Slip Rectified Matt Outdoor Porcelain being a light silver - grey coloured outdoor porcelain, these colour body of the tiles that have the underneath of the surface that has a continuous colour to the visible surface meaning any possible chips during its lifetime is not visible, unlike other man-made porcelain.


Our Naples Grey Anti Slip Rectified Matt Porcelain is also a great alternative with its very hard-wearing, maintenance-free properties. their grey coloured stone effect HD printed surface is increasing in its popularity amongst many and the edges are rectified to give them a more elegant look.



Natural stone outdoor tiles:


Nothing can beat the natural look of tile sources from the earth itself, with every stone type formed in their unique characteristics not only between each stone type like Limestone, Sandstone, Travertine, Marble etc. but also between each tile, no monotone appearance here whichever outdoor tile you choose to lay down in your outdoor space.


Our 20mm versatile outdoor & indoor range.


Our Vaux Limestone - Distressed - Tumbled by far has been the most popular of our 20mm thick tiles with the ever more increasing popularity of the last year, so much so that it has truly been a bit of a struggle keeping up with the demand for this fantastic product. Mainly due to its versatility with also being an internal tile as well as external because of its 20mm thickness, helped by its very elegant appearance with one of the most natural looks you are likely to get on a machined product, being a honed tumbled and textured finish, our Vaux Limestone is the ideal for you. But don't dismiss any of our other range of 20mm thick versatile tiles as they also have been very popular among our customers with very strong sales and positive reviews from our Chateau Mix Limestone – Rustic to Romagne Grey Limestone – Rustic, Vermont Grey Limestone - Distressed – Tumbled to Toulouse Grey Limestone – Tumbled we have a wide range of colours finishes and variations to choose from.


However, if you want that mystical darker appearance then we strongly recommend our Brazilian Black Slate Paving - Calibrated Riven range, having the most unique appearance, it is not hard to imagine this excellent option in your garden being lit with your outdoor lights, providing that brilliant night atmosphere.


Our 30mm paving range.


Our Ivory Travertine Paving - Tumbled – Unfilled is our premium grade Travertine paving tile range, it comes in the set size of 406 x 610 x 30 as well as the Imperial Pattern x 30mm, it is the paving version of our best-selling Travertine indoor tiles hence giving all our customers that desire and lust for that seamless transition from your internally installed tiles out to your outdoor space. Now that is a project idea to behold.


Our Classic Blend Mix Travertine Tumbled - Unfilled Paving, WOW, what can be said about this range that has not already been said in the repetitive positive reviews we receive for it, it is the most popular paving range we have in our listings with its beautiful colours, pitted surface and rounded edges coming in the ever-popular Imperial pattern that include 4 different sizes in a pack, this is an item you can purchase and be 100% confident that you will be happy with it once installed. It provides varying tones and splash of warmer colours for your external installation, the only issue for us seems to be keeping up with demand for it from our customers.



Now the easy step, feel free to request your free samples for our range through our website.



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