2022 Mosaic Tile Trends

So, you are in the process of buying a new kitchen equipped or thinking about converting your old one? Or you are simply changing a bathroom and looking for something different to freshen up the look. You may even be just changing a living room to your current taste, what ever the reason for the change you are looking for, then these current trends are sure to inspire your new dream look.

What materials and colours are in demand today? What styles and shapes are trending in the mosaic tile world right now?
While you shouldn't blindly follow every hype of course, at least one or two of our current mosaic tile trends will offer a little inspiration to breathe new life into your walls and floors.

Dark mosaic tiles will conquer most walls

After high gloss white was the absolute trend for years, even in the kitchens now, dark matte colours are all the talk of the town. Above all, black and dark charcoal colours are increasingly preferred by manufacturers and homeowners. Bright colour mosaics are currently seen less and less although they still have a major fan base of users around the world. Kitchen cabinets, niche coverings and countertops are becoming increasingly silky. This makes them look a little reserved, while still extremely noble and elegant but the correct mosaic tiles of choice will go a long way in completing the overall look of any area therefore, be sure to pick out the best for your project.

Currently in our top mosaic tiles trend list is our Black Marble Mosaic Tumbled, this amazing looking mosaic tile comes both in the larger 48 x 48 tile mosaic and the smaller 23 x 23 tile mosaic, both sizes being highly popular means the choice is dependent on each individual person and which size you think will look best for your project, all we can add to that is, this increasingly popular mosaic tile is one of our current best sellers of mosaic tiles for all areas of the home.

The open plan designs

Some of our line of items are particularly suitable for the design of an open plan living and dining area. We offer a comprehensive selection of a range of items that are for sure suitable for your individual needs.

The open design of a living room also has been popular for a long time now, this year with the best mosaics, the trick is to connect the kitchen seamlessly with the rest of the living space, if the space is big enough, the seamless transition between your kitchen and the open plan area is achieved with ease due to the variety of readily available mosaic tiles, that are suitable for all areas of your home. The dining and living areas merge in a very natural and at the same time discreet way.

For example, our currently trending mosiacs, the Bottichino Marble Mosaic Tumbled and the Carrara White Marble Mosaic Polished are two of those natural stones that seem to always be very popular, our Botticino, as well as our Carrara range, also include the large regular size tiles, the use of these mosaics with their complementary regular size tiles to achieve that seamless transition between your living area and kitchen for your open plan project is both easy and add a high level of finish to the whole area.

The Travertine options

Why not consider Travertine? We understand that Marble may not be everyone's first choice, this is why we have some selections that could be combined to achieve this same goal. Travertine is, and will always be popular, the Mediterranean feel that can be achieved with natural Travertine mosaic tiles is still unmatched, not only do we have many options of sizes, shapes and finishes, but even different grades of Travertine to suit all budgets.

Now imagine the feel of your open plan area when you walk into it, with the warm tone of our Ivory Travertine mosaic on your kitchen walls and the regular size Travertine tiles as your floor tiles, extending well beyond the boundaries of your kitchen into your living area, if it's a bigger project, you can even continue this look out to your garden with the use of our Ivory Paving range, all achieving that soothing calmness and warm feel that you are in lust of.

Individualism and character

Maybe you don't have an open plan project or don't want a "seamless transition" but more of a bold confident looking mosaic tile that is screaming "look at me, I am the focal point of the room".

What better mosaic tiles to achieve this with than our Pattern Mixed Chevron mosaic tiles, this extremely unique design of mosaic not only is in the extremely popular chevron arrangement but also comes with different colour natural marble tiles that are cut at varying sizes and widths, no doubt this is a screamer.

What about our Carrara White Nero Black Basketweave effect tiles, being all-natural stone mosaics that are arranged in 2 different colours of natural marble tiles with the weave effect, this one surely will be the first choice for many customers that are looking for a high-grade natural mosaic tile, that has a strong character to boot. This sure seems to be the case with most people out there, if the current mosaic trends are anything to go by.

We hope these current trending mosaic tiles of 2022 have given you enough inspiration when planning your new project.

Think about what aspects of life are most important to you, and what feelings you want to be instilled in you when you walk into a room, any room of the house, most people tend to miss this point sometimes, our home is our castle and we should design and care for it so that it can provide us with the feeling that will help us achieve that tranquillity with minimal effort. The use of correct mosaic tiles and colour is a great start for this.

We hope this blog was helpful.

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