Travertine Mosaic Tile Range

Travertine stone itself is one of the most popular natural stones used in homes all around the world with ever increasing popularity due to their variety durability and flexibility in their use, and it does not look like this will change anytime soon.

Travertine stone naturally has holes within its structure, which can either be left untouched for more natural look or factory filled and honed to have a smooth to the touch finish, giving it that more modern and cultured look, feel and appearance.
The largest quarries are still available in abundance around the world in countries like Italy, Iran, Mexico, Turkey, and Peru currently being the biggest suppliers of travertine to the rest of the world. It is actually very interesting for you to know that just the quarries in Turkey alone can provide enough supply of travertine tiles based on the current demands of the entire world for the next 80 years or so. There are many reasons why travertine stone is so popular, the variety of vibrant colours and tones that comes with our Ivory, Classic, Noce, Silver, Walnut travertine ranges and the different shapes and set sizes that are readily available of which some of our range also come in the extremely popular market favourite Imperial pattern. When you add the different finishes to these ranges from filled and honed to tumbled and unfilled to chipped edge, you can see why travertine is one of the most popular natural stones for home installations out there, there is a choice of options for every sort of environment.

Travertine Mosaic
Today, we'd like to focus more on our mosaic travertine range in this blog.

Let’s first start with what mosaic tiles are, as some still confuse these with sheets of split face or cladding tiles that come stuck together and are very rigid, mosaic tiles on the contrary are small stone tiles stuck on a flexible mesh coming in the usual industry standard size of 305 x 305 mm (slightly different measurements in some available mosaics) where the mesh is very easy to cut and resize to help speed up any installations process.

Travertine mosaic tiles can be accompanied by all sizes of stones to create a fantastic visual appearance in any environment.
With so many mosaic tile range to choose from, our travertine mosaic range gives you many options for your choice of installations, so there is bound to be one in our range which will be perfectly suitable for your specific installation and provide that upgrade in look and feel in your home that you have been looking for.

Types of travertine mosaic tiles in our range
Our Ivory Travertine Honed & Filled mosaic is available in the 48 x 48 mm small square tiles on the 305 x 305 mm mesh with the current price of £34.99, all of our square tile mosaic range like our Ivory Travertine Tumbled currently from £31.99, Noce Travertine Tumbled currently from £34.99, Three Coloured Travertine Tumbled currently from £33.99 and our Classic Travertine Tumbled currently from £27.99 and our Silver Travertine Tumbled is currently from £39.99 and all are available in both the smaller 23 x 23 mm and the 48 x 48 mm small tiles on the 305 x 305 mm mesh.

The brick style mosaics
Our rectangle shape mosaic range is available in Ivory Tumbled and Noce Tumbled Travertine, these are 48 x 100 mm small rectangle tiles on the 305 x 305 mm mesh, due to the brick arrangement though the top and bottom of the sheets are straight, the sides of these mosaic sheets haven’t got straight sides, this does help during installation however, as each mosaic sheet easily slots into each other, sometimes helping ease the installation process for some.

Variety is everything
You can opt for our 3 colour Travertine for a spotted effect with its multiple colour range from lighter ivory to a darker brown tones or go for more consistent look with our Ivory range, you can even decide on something more different and unusual and opt for our Silver Travertine range with its classy modern appearance and its ever increasing popularity.

Popular usage areas of travertine mosaics
The more common areas mosaic tiles are used in homes are bathroom walls & floors or in kitchens as splash back, but in recent years people are getting more and more adventurous and breaking the mould and have started installing mosaics in their hallways, as feature wall installations or even as a focal wall installation in some bedrooms rooms. As the longer rectangles give the illusion length and depth, the brick mosaics are a great way of giving the illusion of a much larger room when installed on small narrower walls.  The square mosaics give a more precise appearance with neat lines when used for both floor and walls in the same area such as bathrooms that will help bring the room together.

Protection and maintenance.
As with all natural stones, travertine mosaic tiles are also recommended to be sealed at least twice, once before and once after grouting, we recommend our LTP Mattstone Impregnating tile sealer as it is specifically designed for non-polished matt finish tiles, sealing your tiles will ensure they are protected from spillages and make sure they preserve their fantastic look for longer.

How should I clean my natural travertine mosaics?
For regular day to day cleaning, Travertine mosaics can be easily cleaned using warm water mixed with a tiny amount of regular dish washing soap, for more stubborn dirts we recommend a specially designed natural stone tile cleaning product such as our LTP Grimex multi-purpose intensive cleaner. If you choose to use any other products, please always read the bottle label for more information on the product of your choice, as cleaning products with bleach, lemon or vinegar base can damage your natural Travertine tiles.

Your Travertine tiles should also be sealed periodically as to protect and preserve their natural look for a much longer period, the resealing process is usually done around once a year depending on the regularity of traffic on the tiles as well as the cleaning intervals.  Why don’t you check out our full range to find your next favourite Travertine mosaic tiles for yourself, we are certain there is a magical available for your next project.


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