Fantastic Designs with Split Face Tiles

Why we embrace the split face tiles, they are a fantastic design of smaller strips of stone arrangements in which different size stones are put together to provide an intended 3D uneven surface. The design of this arrangement makes its installation seamless in the way they interlock together and hence provide a great finish. As they are made up of natural stones, they are very durable and very hard wearing.

So to ensure you preserve the natural and fantastic look of your split face stone for as long as possible, the correct sealants and specially designed cleaning product need to be used. Read on to help you achieve this and get the most out of your tiles for the longest time span.

Where can I use them?

Let’s get the elephant out the room, due to the inability of being able to grout these tiles, it is widely but unfairly accepted that they should not be used in wet areas or outdoors, However, if installed correctly with a waterproof membrane, sealant and regularly cleaned, there is no real reason why they cannot be used in these areas. Yes, a little bit more care is needed in regards to mould management, but this still does not stop some achieving the desired look they had their hearts set on by installing split face tiles in these areas.

The vast range of colour options available to customers makes them a great option to install in wide range of areas such as a feature walls in living rooms, on fireplaces, as a splash back in kitchens, bathrooms or outdoor use.

How do I care for them?

Once installed, as with all natural stones, an impregnating tile sealant should be applied at least 2-3 times to protect the split face tiles and only the specially designed tile cleaners should be used to clean the tiles as these will not strip away the sealers and help preserve the tiles for longer.

For example, using any acidic based cleaning materials will most likely damage the stone. Therefore as long as the stone is looked after, it will last a lifetime. 

What about external use?

You can achieve the indoor look outdoors with the installation of these fantastic stones in areas such as on retaining walls, terraces or BBQ areas and help create that exterior environment that you would love to spend more time in. Outside though you are more likely to have mould growth due our lovely British weather, however, again with the application of the right sealant and regular wash downs will help preserve their fantastic look without this becoming an issue.

For some slate claddings, thicker tiles may be recommended, just to make sure that they withstand harsh weather conditions. 

To Summarise:  

The key points in preserving the look of your stones:

1) Ensure the correct materials are used during installation, waterproof membrane is used for wet areas or outdoors, and the wall is strong enough to support the extra weight.

2) Apply the correct sealer as recommend.

3) Use the specially designed tile cleaners for wet areas.

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