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Marble tiles: durable, elegant, completely natural

Our name may be Travertine Store, but this does not mean that we only have travertine tiles to offer. Marble tiles are also very popular amongst our customers who need something more durable, more elegant tiles with a different look and feel. 

Our marble tiles come in diverse colours, from beige to dark grey, even though the range is not extensive, it covers the most basic and most popular colours requested by our customers.
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Welcome 2017

2016 was an eventful year for the UK and the world.

We have witnessed many events during the course of last year, however the most important event for the people of the UK was probably the Brexit referendum.

As an importer, the value of the Sterling is crucial as majority of our imports are paid with US Dollars. The Sterling has lost around 20% in value since the referendum, as every importer in the country, it also has affected us.

A normal importer would immediately increase their selling prices between 10 - 20% to minimise the losses due to exchange rates.

However at Travertine Store, customer comes first. To minimise the increases we have done the following:

- First of all, we locked all of our...

Travertine Tiles, Pros & Cons

At Travertine Store, we sell thousands of meters of travertine tiles every year. Dealing with quarries, suppliers and customers over the years for travertine flooring have made us experts in the field. Every project is different therefore customers always require based on their situations and we have to be prepared to give the best possible advise.

One of the most common questions that we are being asked all the time is that what is travertine and what are the pros & cons for travertine flooring. In this post we won't be explaining about what the travertine is, we would like to discuss the pros and cons about travertine flooring.

- Travertine flooring is beautiful. The colours are unmatched with any other type of...

Travertine, an outdoor stone

When it comes to paving stones, not many knows that travertine is a widely used product. There are many exterior stones with different characteristics but none of them can beat the beautiful look of a travertine tile. 

The exterior stones in travertine come in mainly tumbled finish as this provides more grip compared to honed & filled travertine. In some applications, brushed & straight edges can also be used. 

In order to increase their frost resistance, minimum 3 cm thickness is required to use them outside. 

The usual applications are pool surroundings, patios, driveways (may need thicker & stronger tiles). 

Some inspirational ideas with exterior travertine tiles: 

- Light travertine tumbled: 

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Bathroom design ideas with travertine tiles

Travertine tiles can be used everywhere! Bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, facades. They have a variety of applications with different size and finish options. 

In the UK, many houses are old and in need of renovation. Majority of our customers are looking to change their bathrooms or kitchens where they spend most of their time. Due to the nation's economic climate and uncertainty, the budgets are tight and customers are shopping around to find the best possible deals.

At Travertine Store, we do our best to help out the British consumer. We market high quality travertine tiles at prices that no one can match.

Due to our proven expertise in travertine tiles, a high number of customers have been asking which tiles we...
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