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Underfloor Heating Mat 160 Watts

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The underfloor heating 160 Watt mat makes a warm floor underfoot an affordable luxury, making any floor surface in any room a joy to walk on. It is widely accepted that heating mats are superior to loose cable systems, as they are much quicker to install and have regulated cable widths, so you always get a good even heat spread with no hot or cold spots. The mats have a fabric backing allowing adhesives to be fully absorbed, thereby allowing a perfect bond between the tiles and subfloor. Other underfloor heating mats are comprised of cables crudely stuck onto plastic/fibreglass with sticky tape, tests have shown that this can create a barrier between the subfloor and the floor finish and so the tiles stick to the underfloor heating system rather than the subfloor.

Our matt systems comes with lifetime guarantee (for the lifetime of the floor finish)
• Output Cable: 12.5 Watts
• Voltage: 230V
• Outer Insulation: PVC
• Inner Insulation: Tefzel
• Thickness of Wire: 2mm.
• Protection Class: IPX7.
• Connections: One connection, 3m long
• Cable: Multi Strand/Red
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